Jul 12

Who says??

Who says pictures must be hung perfectly straight, spaced evenly and grouped expertly? Who says crooked, twisted, and off-kilter don’t work?  I’m liking, no, loving this imperfect look in a client’s bonus room…..

Why not?  Crooked certainly works for furniture…



Stacked Cabinet No. 6 - Together We Can


The Crooked Spine Black Gloss Floor Lamp


And how clever is this crooked curtain rod?

Why…crooked even works for stairs:

Do not attempt after happy hour

And makes a darling playhouse:


Is this crazy twisted crooked house not wonderful?

Off kilter in Poland

Crooked can be beautiful:

Crooked House

In the Swiss countryside

Speaking of crooked buildings…. love the leaning tower of Pisa!

Have you seen this gorgeous (crooked) structure in Prague?

Prague masterpiece

I think a crooked, circuitous, winding, twisted path is ALWAYS more interesting!


Why not avoid the straight and conventional…at least every once and a while?

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