Nov 08

Switching Spaces

Sometimes spaces in our homes are assigned the wrong name, and purpose. Like this TV room.  It’s a large room, with the best view in this condo… looking out onto a gorgeously landscaped courtyard.

But really, how many of us pay attention to a lovely view when watching our favorite Real Housewives episode? (New York and Beverly Hills, thank you very much!)  How important, and practical, is a large, bright TV room?  Personally….I’m all about a dark cozy room and a comfy couch! A better name for this beautiful spot would be “Dining or Entertaining Room.”

And what about this “Dining Nook?” (looking out onto a side yard, fence and trash cans)  Such an uninspired setting… not at all conducive to food, stimulating conversation and entertaining friends.

But…what a cozy spot this could be, to veg and focus on those favorite shows.  Ahhh…a “TV nook!”

These were the thoughts of clients, who called me in, along with an HGTV crew, to redo the rooms. They wanted a big gorgeous dining area for entertaining their friends.  Nice view preferred.  And, the two of them really REALLY didn’t need such a big space for watching TV.

So, the family/TV room became the dining room.  We had lots and lots of furniture to work with(downsizing empty nesters)…the only new purchase was a large black table from the local consignment shop.  Look at how great the room turned out….

Spectacular!  And the dining area became a place to sit, enjoy talking to the chef AND watch television.

Now, this home functions perfectly for it’s owners, with the newly labeled “Dining and Entertaining Room” and “TV Nook.” Perfectly named.  AND….so pretty, fresh and personal!  Have you switched any spaces in your home?

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