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Crochet Creations

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I’m learning to crochet.  My requisite first project, a scarf, is almost finished, and already I am dreaming of what I could do with this newfound talent.  As is typical for me, I want to skip the whole part where I make afghans, beanies, toilet paper cozies and socks for everyone unfortunate enough to be on my gift list, and jump forward to the level of Dana Barnes, fiber artist extraordinaire. I am in awe of this amazingly talented woman and how she has turned the old fashioned gramma-style crafts of crocheting and braiding upside down, moving them to a fun new contemporary level. She and her staff create rugs, pillows, curtains, sculptures, chairs, even room dividers with crocheted, braided, knotted and fused wool.  Put on your glasses and take a look!

These pieces, shown in her NYC loft, double as floor cushions and rugs.  As you can see, Dana is not a huge fan of traditional furniture:

Dana Barnes floor cushions/rug


dana barnes

Below,  photos from designmilk show her versatility:

One of a kind knotted “floor cozy:” (also known as a rug… I just want to run my toes through this!)

dana barnes knotted floor cozy


Needlepoint lampshade:

dana barnes needlepoint lampshade


Braided rug:

dana barnes rug


Fiber Wall… perfect room divider for a loft-like space:

dana barnes fiber art


Knotted sculpture:

dana barnes sculpture


Bedroom rugs.  The rug on the left is crocheted, the rug running towards the tub is made with embossed felted wool that has been molded with interestingly shaped objects like bowls, large letters and sticks:

bedroom rug.. Dana Barnese


Now if only I could spend my days doing something as magical and wonderful as this… Someday!

Are you an artist?  I’d LOVE to see your creations!

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Nov 11


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Mr. “Oh My Gosh” has been complaining since I took down our kitchen chalkboard and replaced it with a cute little mirror! (GOT to check the face and hair before heading out the door each morning!) He actually likes for me to make “to do” lists, and the best place for that was the chalkboard.  (does your husband complain that there is NO honeydoo list????) I know, I know, life is tough…

Anyway…chalkboards ARE fun and practical. Remember what a thrill it was when you were chosen to be “blackboard monitor” in school!?  I’d LOVE to find a big vintage rolling chalkboard for our home so I can make some really long to-do lists and order my man around.   Meanwhile, I’ve fallen in love with magnetic chalkboard paint, which comes in gobs of colors (although my favorite is still black) and can be painted just about anyplace you might want to write and express yourself… walls, cabinets, furniture, even refrigerator doors. Look at some FAB things you can do with this paint in your home!

Just think of the lists/messages/reminders/recipes/schedules/announcements/love notes and plain old fun one could have with chalkboard painted walls in the kitchen and dining room!

Pinned Image




Love how the paint and chalk becomes the art for the entire space.


Your workspace could be soooo organized.

Imagine the “to-do” lists that could be conjured up in the bedroom!!!!


Pinned Image


Genius!  If you don’t have much furniture or art… just draw it in!

more chalkboard

And if you do have the furniture… chalk it up, with stories, homework problems, game scores and inspiring messages!


Chalkboard coffee table

BEST yet… the ability to write when having your most inspired ideas!

LOVE the possibilities!  Have you chalked up any walls?




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