Jun 01

Basket Case

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There is something so rustically appealing about baskets hung on a wall.  I know, I know…a step back to the 70′s, but look at these pretty groupings.  What do you think?

The color, the texture, the weave, the shapes…all are so attractive.  I’m always thrilled when my clients have a variety of woven pieces to hang.  They are light and easy to put up;  1 small finishing nail tapped through the basket is all it takes!  (I wonder how many nails these displays required!?)  BEAUTIFUL!!


You don’t need to have hundreds of baskets to put together a great looking display.  Use only a few…1/3/5/7/9…any odd number will work.


These beautifully woven baskets can be collected in a variety of places…..flea markets, antique marts, garage sales, discount stores and furniture shops. Foreign travels too. Some are rather expensive, and others, dirt cheap.

Why not start looking for interesting pieces so you can create your own display at home?

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Apr 06


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I am an interior stylist and decorator living in Coto de Caza, California.

No…I am not one of those “real” housewives…anything BUT!  You would realize this the moment you first see me.  My uniform is jeans and tee’s with minimal jewelry and I am really just a regular gal that loves anything to do with decorating, and artsy and craftsy stuff.  I do admit that I like nothing better than sitting down to a bitchy new episode of ANY of the Housewives shows, with a big bowl of popcorn, glass of wine and a couple of trash-talking friends. (My Motorcycle Man moaning and groaning from the next room as he catches bits of their “conversations!”)

The cast of

(WHO actually dresses like that, anyway….?)  Did I mention jeans and t-shirts?  I digress…

Anyway…I’ve started this blog to talk about some of my decorating projects, as well as lots of other things and people I find interesting and inspiring as I go through my day.  I love to include pictures, and always will, but warn you that photography is my weakness.  If I remember to take pictures of projects, befores and afters, and great stuff I come across throughout my day, what you end up seeing will most likely be fuzzy, dark, out of focus. Goal:  take better pictures for my website and blog.

I admit that I can be somewhat “scattered,” and get very excited about A LOT of different things, so don’t be surprised if I veer off into food, travel, books, clothing and fashion, or gardening.  Oh…or hiking, sewing, green and healthy living, or even motorcycle riding.  I will do my best to focus.  Hang on….hoping you will follow!!

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