Mar 02

Crochet Creations

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I’m learning to crochet.  My requisite first project, a scarf, is almost finished, and already I am dreaming of what I could do with this newfound talent.  As is typical for me, I want to skip the whole part where I make afghans, beanies, toilet paper cozies and socks for everyone unfortunate enough to be on my gift list, and jump forward to the level of Dana Barnes, fiber artist extraordinaire. I am in awe of this amazingly talented woman and how she has turned the old fashioned gramma-style crafts of crocheting and braiding upside down, moving them to a fun new contemporary level. She and her staff create rugs, pillows, curtains, sculptures, chairs, even room dividers with crocheted, braided, knotted and fused wool.  Put on your glasses and take a look!

These pieces, shown in her NYC loft, double as floor cushions and rugs.  As you can see, Dana is not a huge fan of traditional furniture:

Dana Barnes floor cushions/rug


dana barnes

Below,  photos from designmilk show her versatility:

One of a kind knotted “floor cozy:” (also known as a rug… I just want to run my toes through this!)

dana barnes knotted floor cozy


Needlepoint lampshade:

dana barnes needlepoint lampshade


Braided rug:

dana barnes rug


Fiber Wall… perfect room divider for a loft-like space:

dana barnes fiber art


Knotted sculpture:

dana barnes sculpture


Bedroom rugs.  The rug on the left is crocheted, the rug running towards the tub is made with embossed felted wool that has been molded with interestingly shaped objects like bowls, large letters and sticks:

bedroom rug.. Dana Barnese


Now if only I could spend my days doing something as magical and wonderful as this… Someday!

Are you an artist?  I’d LOVE to see your creations!

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Oct 28

Layered rugs

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LOooove the look of layered rugs!  Such a great way to freshen up a room, personalize and add texture.  The BEST part… when you tire of the combination, switch the positioning of the rugs, or add a newer piece or take a rug away, and the look, shape and color emphasis will be completely different.

Sisal rugs are a perfect way to start the layer, especially for pattern and color-shy types.   Toss an animal skin, an oriental rug, a patterned dhurrie, something thick and shaggy, or bright and geometric over the sisal to provide interesting texture and a new shape.

My personal preference… the more, the merrier!  I’m crazy about the color, pattern, texture and shape that comes from a combination of rugs.  Orientals, flat weave dhurries, animal skins and more more MORE

Some prefer a more serene and subtle combination and color scheme.


Others might like the layered LOOK,  but don’t want to pile rugs on top of one another. These patched-together area rugs are a perfect solution, and such a wonderful way to recycle bits and pieces of vintage wool rugs that are frayed, worn or stained.

AND…what about over-dyed patchwork rugs?!  These rugs are chemically neutralized, which allows them to still retain their individual patterns and designs, then dyed a single color.  Be still my heart!

Plum Overdyed Patchwork Kilim Rug | World Market

You can also find over-dyed rugs which are solid and not patched together. Spectacular!

Picture 11

Picture 10

What are you decorating your floors with these days?

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May 09

Loving Orange

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Are you looking to add color, warmth and energy to your home?  How about ORANGE??  Check it out in this house I just styled.  The orange accents, collected by these world travelers, are vibrant, rich, cozy and unique.

Ikats, mirror cloth and other textural items

Now, these are obviously one of a kind pieces…something many of us don’t have the time to search out and collect.

Embroidered clothing and fabrics

Hand carved screen with orange accents

Beautiful boxes and trays

And more!!

But wait….  Have you checked out your local decorating sources lately? Orange is everywhere!  Homegoods, Pier1, Target, World Market, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and many other stores are loaded with beautiful orange things.  You’ll see candles, rugs, pillows, silk flowers, art, lamps, towels, pottery and much much more.

Like tables and chairs:

Molly Wood Garden Design in Newport Beach

Barclay Butera, Newport Beach

And even clever wall signs that just may have inspired Princess Beatrice’s Royal Wedding hat!

From Molly Wood, NB

What did you think of that?  

Sorry… got sidetracked.

Anyway, did you know that it only takes 3 colorful items to make a HUGE difference in a room?  Why not pick up a few bright new accents to give your home a fresh and HOT summer look?!  You could even start your shopping at the grocery store with a bag of these….

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