Mar 16

Anthro Inspired Chair Re-Do

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I’ve long been a fan of these fun, bright and practical folding chairs sold at the mecca of all things beautiful and bohemian called Anthropologie:



I’m sure you know all about this store… and the temptations that beckon from every corner. These chairs are FAB, but at $198 each, I wasn’t about to rush to the check-out counter with a pair.  Anyway… where the heck would I put them in my already bursting at the seams Casa Anderson?

My clever friend Hoiyin… partner in all things recycled, re-imagined, repurposed and reused, also fell in love and decided she needed such clever chairs… SO perfect to pull out for guests visiting her tiny but uber-cool loftette. But, ever the DIYer, Hoiyin made her own version with two folding chairs found in a back alley rather than at Anthropologie. She started with this:

These “ugly chairs” were found leaning against a dumpster.  No one wanted them, or even deemed them worthy of a garage sale or thrift store donation.

Hoiyin polished up the wood, and then with a bit of instruction at Alchemy Fine Living in Santa Ana, reupholstered the chairs with a collage of scraps from faded curtains and an old faux-fur halloween costume.  Several days later, with no $$$ spent, look at what Hoiyin has created.


Definitely cool and blog worthy… you can read all about her upholstery adventure here: Her photos are much much better than mine…  After all, she IS a professional photograper.

What have you remade, recycled, redone or reupholstered lately?


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Jan 06

Flea Market Find of the Month/January

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I love love love flea markets, thrift shops, consignment shops, garage sales… you name it.  If they have cool old used things for sale, I’m there!  Digging through piles of shtuff and imagining where items could go, how they could be freshened up, painted, reupholstered or even repurposed is a blast.  Waaayyy better than a furniture store any day!

SOoo, when these barstools appeared in a vendor’s booth at the Sunday Irvine Flea Market (now moved to the Great Park area next to the giant orange balloon… every 1st Sunday of the month) you can imagine the heart palpitations I was experiencing.  Just perfect for my client’s black, white and red kitchen, and with NO work to be done.  Guess what we paid for these vintage beauties????


$30. For all three. YES, you read that right.

If you’ve shopped for  barstools lately, you know how expensive they can be, especially anything unique or repurposed.  For example, I always love to look at the NapaStyle catalogs and websites… they have loads of really cool and unique items, like these barstools made from old wine barrel staves.

Gorgeous, yes, but $279 each plus tax and $30 shipping each. WOW.  Do the math… that adds up fast!

I know we all splurge sometime on those special, just perfect items.  But don’t forget the rewarding projects, unique products and fabulous bragging rights that come with scavenging.  It feels so good to rescue something from a trip to the dump and re-imagine it into a FAB one-of-a-kind that none of your neighbors will have. And when you tell them what you paid…  now thats fun!

LOVE to see what rescues you have come across. Send pictures!

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