Jan 17

Table Groupings

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I love huge coffee tables… Big, bold and roomy, they have lots of space for decorating and styling, on top and underneath!!



But sometimes such a big piece just isn’t practical. It can take up waaay too much space, not allowing play room for the kids or a spot to do your daily workout.  If you need flexibility… to be able to quickly and easily open up a sofa bed, make room for a crowd on game day or work on a big project, a large and heavy table in front of your seating just won’t work.  But… we need some kind of surface nearby, for a cup of tea, glass of wine or snacks, don’t we?

Have you thought about grouping a few smaller, lightweight tables that are easy to pick up, move, remove or reposition depending on what is going on in the room? It’s a great look and SO flexible!  Maybe these pictures will help you think about new options in your living spaces.




Close together, angled, spread apart, high, low, round or square, matching or not, these combinations just plain work!  They offer such flexibility and look a lot less typical than having one-large-coffee table.

You can also group end/side tables.  Here, 2 small tables fill the space between chairs very well.

Another option is a cute little “C” shaped table that can be pulled up close to the sofa… the lower section can slide underneath. They’re functional, but you hardly know they are there. Like these from Room and Board:

Ellipse End Table



Eileen Gray End Table

Crate and Barrel:

Parsons C Table with Glass Top


Skye Indigo C Table

 And West Elm:

Framed Side Table

What kind of tables do you have in your living space?


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May 08

On the Road Again…

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Another NorCal weekend visiting with family and friends.  This time we stayed one block from the famous Sproul Plaza of UC Berkeley, at the Hotel Durant.








We giggled from the moment we entered the lobby, loving the university themed decor.  Nothing stuffy here!  Check out the “bookshelf chairs”….perfect for the most studious.  Sit.  Read.  Repeat.  I could sit here with my favorite book (currently, UnBroken, by Laura Hillenbrand…awesome!!)  for hours, especially since the bar is 20 feet away.  The friendly bartender was happy to deliver my white wine and nuts!  Absolute heaven….

Have a seat and stay for a while

The lobby chandelier….one of a kind, with bluebooks, tests and class papers hanging from it’s arms.  Those university students are so clever….such good recyclers!

Help me reach that Chemistry test!

We even got a history lesson, going back to the flag-burning/bra-burning days of the 60′s and 70′s.

And…the huge rivalry between UC Berkeley and Stanford University across the bay?  The men’s restroom in the lobby told us what Berkeley-ites think of those “Sequoia trees!??” ( is that really what they call themselves??)  GO Bears…..

Men's urinal... aim for the "S" please!

The Berkeley culture lesson continued in our room.

Is that lamp a bong, or is that bong a lamp?

And of course, activism continues today… Please separate your trash!

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Apr 21

Help! Houseguests.

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Oh dear.  A panicked call from one of my favorites.  She said, “My mom is coming to visit and I’d be embarrassed to have her stay in this room!”  Can you help? NOW?


Help me look pretty!!

My gorgeous young client loves to live in a pretty home, but putting it all together is not her specialty. (She is very VERY smart in other subjects.)  We’ve worked on her places together for years, starting with a first condo.  It was darling!  Near the beach, it was perfect for a young single woman, all fun and sexy with reds and blacks… a little bit like this.


 A few years later, we staged and sold the condo so she and her new husband could buy a “grown-up and married’ home.  More remodeling and decorating ensued, room by room.


New house, living room...she still likes red!

Now a baby has arrived and another is on the way, so rooms and priorities have changed.  But not that desire to have a pretty house.

The guest room was the last to be done…don’t we all have a room like that in our home?  But now, with Grandma coming for Easter, it was finally time to make it warm, bright, inviting. Several requests:  blues and browns…no greens please.  No headboards or fancy custom spreads and pillows.  All must be available now…no special orders.  (Helloooooo Target, Pier One and HomeGoods!)  AND, the furniture couldn’t be moved…..there just wasn’t another arrangement that would work in the small room.

With a $500 budget and a small time frame, here is what we came up with.


Would you sleep here?

I think that Grandma will be veerry comfortable!

Have  a happy, happy, HAPPY Easter!!

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