Dec 09

A Decorated Kitchen

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A kitchen looks especially wonderful when decorated with the same types of accessories used in the rest of the house.

I love the look of a real table lamp sitting on the countertop.  Something about it seems so unexpected and looks, well, finished. My client Regina has placed this gorgeous lamp, made from a vintage vase, in her kitchen and grouped it with several other pieces of pottery.  The colors and warm glow in the evening are so pretty.


She loves to cover her cooktop when not in use, with a decades old cutting board that is loaded with more vintage bowls filled with fruits, nuts and plants.


Her sparkly chandelier and antique mirror make this San Clemente kitchen THE place to be when the sun is shining.


REAL art, antiques and plants have a place in every nook and cranny of Regina’s kitchen.



Everyone is content and comfortable here in this sweet, feel good space.


Tell me. How have you decorated your kitchen?  Maybe it’s time to spruce up a bit!











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Jul 12

Who says??

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Who says pictures must be hung perfectly straight, spaced evenly and grouped expertly? Who says crooked, twisted, and off-kilter don’t work?  I’m liking, no, loving this imperfect look in a client’s bonus room…..

Why not?  Crooked certainly works for furniture…

Stacked Cabinet No. 6 - Together We Can

The Crooked Spine Black Gloss Floor Lamp

And how clever is this crooked curtain rod?

Why…crooked even works for stairs:

Do not attempt after happy hour

And makes a darling playhouse:


Is this crazy twisted crooked house not wonderful?

Off kilter in Poland

Crooked can be beautiful:

Crooked House

In the Swiss countryside

Speaking of crooked buildings…. love the leaning tower of Pisa!

Have you seen this gorgeous (crooked) structure in Prague?

Prague masterpiece

I think a crooked, circuitous, winding, twisted path is ALWAYS more interesting!


Why not avoid the straight and conventional…at least every once and a while?

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Apr 27

Empty Nester Update

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I never get tired of looking at pictures of my children.  I bet you don’t either! But at some point, all of those pictures, showing the kids at every stage of growing up…. birthdays, school, sports, vacations, proms, graduations, weddings, grandchildren, pets and on and on and on….become, well, just a little TOO much!

Such was the case in my lovely client’s home.  Her grown up family is a large and extended one, and the pictures were everywhere.   Enough, she said!  Let’s edit a little, clean up this place and decorate.

Family room before

We decided to start with a family picture wall in her hall way.  Keeping a selection of favorite pictures on one large wall of a home just makes sense.  It’s fun when you can compare, notice similarities ( wow…Sally really does look like Julie did at that age….) and enjoy changes. Everything is in one place and can be updated as time goes on.

All the best

Now, to the family room.  Out went old pillows, rugs, art, lighting…all in bad condition and from another era.  The walls were painted, the carpet cleaned, and new window coverings ordered. (yet to arrive in this photo)

A blank slate

The furniture was pushed into a more inviting arrangement, conducive to both conversation and TV viewing.  In came art, lighting, pillows and throws, a rug, and a selection of fun new pieces to mix with some of her old things to create pretty vignettes around the room.

New lightning and accessories

She didn’t want fancy or even elegant…just warm, comfortable, colorful.

Color on the mantel

Something beautiful to look at, besides family photos.

Coffee table vignette

The final product!

Ready to enjoy!

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