Jan 31

Shining Example

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What a transformation!  My Motorcycle Man and I scavenged this airplane drop tank, from a 60′s jet fighter, at the HAVECO aviation graveyard in Tucson.  We knew that Roland of Roland Sands Designs would know exactly what to do with it.

Roland’s day job… creating the most amazing out-of-this-world custom motorcycles for clients with deep pockets.  And now THIS for his showroom…

Only Roland and his fantastically twisted and creative brain could have envisioned this tank as a spectacular stairwell chandelier for his Los Alamitos Design Center.  I see a bright future!

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Dec 09

A Decorated Kitchen

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A kitchen looks especially wonderful when decorated with the same types of accessories used in the rest of the house.

I love the look of a real table lamp sitting on the countertop.  Something about it seems so unexpected and looks, well, finished. My client Regina has placed this gorgeous lamp, made from a vintage vase, in her kitchen and grouped it with several other pieces of pottery.  The colors and warm glow in the evening are so pretty.


She loves to cover her cooktop when not in use, with a decades old cutting board that is loaded with more vintage bowls filled with fruits, nuts and plants.


Her sparkly chandelier and antique mirror make this San Clemente kitchen THE place to be when the sun is shining.


REAL art, antiques and plants have a place in every nook and cranny of Regina’s kitchen.



Everyone is content and comfortable here in this sweet, feel good space.


Tell me. How have you decorated your kitchen?  Maybe it’s time to spruce up a bit!











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Jul 05

Books, books, and more books

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I love the way shelves look when they are full of books.

Color Coded Bookshelves

Gorgeous color coded bookshelf

Unique....so full of texture

I LOVE using books as inexpensive, colorful decorating accessories.


Stacked and used as a pedestal or lift

Part of a vignette

And….I especially LOVE furniture made with books…

phone book table

And how about book light fixtures?  LOVE….


LOVEly book accessories and art:

Creative Artwork with Books


Creative Artwork with Books

And how can you not LOVE this library desk?!

Now HE looks smart...

Are you in LOVE too?  Time to start hoarding old volumes.  Stack away!

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