Apr 06

Candlestick-Style Lamps

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Most of us would think to place matching candlestick style lamps at the opposite ends of the mantle, sofa table or buffet they sit on.  But sometimes, especially in a casual or eclectic-style home, they look SO MUCH better sitting on the same side, right next to one another.

Here, two lamps were placed side by side, with one propped up a little higher on a stack of books.  I love this non-traditional and less stuffy look.  Do you?


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Dec 09

A Decorated Kitchen

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A kitchen looks especially wonderful when decorated with the same types of accessories used in the rest of the house.

I love the look of a real table lamp sitting on the countertop.  Something about it seems so unexpected and looks, well, finished. My client Regina has placed this gorgeous lamp, made from a vintage vase, in her kitchen and grouped it with several other pieces of pottery.  The colors and warm glow in the evening are so pretty.


She loves to cover her cooktop when not in use, with a decades old cutting board that is loaded with more vintage bowls filled with fruits, nuts and plants.


Her sparkly chandelier and antique mirror make this San Clemente kitchen THE place to be when the sun is shining.


REAL art, antiques and plants have a place in every nook and cranny of Regina’s kitchen.



Everyone is content and comfortable here in this sweet, feel good space.


Tell me. How have you decorated your kitchen?  Maybe it’s time to spruce up a bit!











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Nov 18

No View… What to do?

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Do you have a frightful view?

Unfortunately, even in the most beautiful of homes, there can be windows that look out at, well, ugliness… like big dirty buildings, smokestacks, falling down fences, blank walls, nosey neighbors, trash cans, dirty cars, air conditioners and more.  You could keep your drapes or blinds closed all of the time to block such an unpleasing view, but really, isn’t that even worse?  What to do?  How about looking for attractive ways to distract the eye from what is beyond the window.

For example:

You could prop art up on the window ledge.  LOVE this!  It pulls the eye towards something attractive and distracts from that “view.”  BEST… it still allows the light in.



A mirror in the window has the same effect.


Open shelves built in front of the window look gorgeous, allow light in, and provide a degree of privacy.

Beautiful shelves surrounding the window distract from that view. (the plant and lamp help too!)

Shelves, filled with plants, built on the deck outside of the window keep us from noticing the building across the way!

Here, plants hang directly on that unattractive wall.  SOOOoo much nicer than when left blank.


Plants sitting in this outdoor space are a lovely sight!


As are these trees placed inside of the room.


If plants are not your thing, how about large, beautiful lamps to distract from what is lurking beyond…!



Leaded or stained glass may be the only solution in some situations.

Leaded glass window



Placing a bed in front of the window is often considered a big NO NO…  I disagree.!  With beautiful bedding, a headboard, draperies,shades or sheers you have a grand focal point.  The view will always be beautiful!





What do you do to create a pretty view?











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