Mar 27

Hot Desert Colors

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I’m back to “partly cloudy,” after almost a week in the warmth and sunshine of beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. This gorgeous spot always gets to me… especially this time of the year when the city fills up with baseball loving, sun seeking foodies.  It feels like the best place on earth.  Yeah, we did work a little, but we ate more, watched some fun games (go Cubs!), and even fit in a few workouts, notably a climb up Camelback Mountain.

Have you seen Camelback… rising from the desert floor, looking much like it’s namesake?

It’s not an easy hike, even though it starts off looking harmless…

But it quickly becomes a straight up scramble, so steep that several sections have been outfitted with railings to help you pull yourself up the rocks.

We finished in a little over 1 1/2 hours… the 360 degree view is spectacular… and were busy congratulating ourselves when 2 studly looking men ran past. One, aged 72, was heading up the mountain a 2nd time and the other, 75, was starting his 3rd trip.  Oh. Wow. OK… I’m a wimp.

Well, we still deserved a celebration of sorts… a big breakfast treat… so decided to check out the restaurant at the new Saguaro Hotel… another MUST for Scottsdale visitors.

The Saguaro, a Joie de Vivre Hotel: Front Entrance signage, can not miss it

Recently purchased by Joie de Vivre Hotels and completely remodeled, this BRIGHT spot opened in January of this year.  No muted terracottas or earth tones here! Most surfaces are painted the colors of Arizona wildflowers… hot pinks, oranges, yellows, reds, lime greens, purples… and lots more.  You can’t help but feel happy and ready for a good time when you walk in!

Image of The Saguaro, a Joie de Vivre Boutique Hotel, Scottsdale

LOVE these lights!  Did you know you can make them?  Here are directions from

Only the bar is somewhat muted, paneled in weathered barnwood, while still sporting a few brightly painted niches.

The orange tips on the barstools really got me. Such a simple feature makes a BIG impact.


Nice display idea.

Check out the purple carpet in the rooms and hallways.

The Saguaro, a Joie de Vivre Hotel: The Saguaro - Guestroom

HAPPY happy colors!  Hmm…. am now rethinking the desert house.  I’ve always loved warm earth tones, and lots of wood, rock, metal and other materials found in nature.  But maybe these bright hot colors would be even better for a weekend place….  You can’t help but smile and relax when surrounded by this.  What do you think??

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May 09

Loving Orange

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Are you looking to add color, warmth and energy to your home?  How about ORANGE??  Check it out in this house I just styled.  The orange accents, collected by these world travelers, are vibrant, rich, cozy and unique.

Ikats, mirror cloth and other textural items

Now, these are obviously one of a kind pieces…something many of us don’t have the time to search out and collect.

Embroidered clothing and fabrics

Hand carved screen with orange accents

Beautiful boxes and trays

And more!!

But wait….  Have you checked out your local decorating sources lately? Orange is everywhere!  Homegoods, Pier1, Target, World Market, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and many other stores are loaded with beautiful orange things.  You’ll see candles, rugs, pillows, silk flowers, art, lamps, towels, pottery and much much more.

Like tables and chairs:

Molly Wood Garden Design in Newport Beach

Barclay Butera, Newport Beach

And even clever wall signs that just may have inspired Princess Beatrice’s Royal Wedding hat!

From Molly Wood, NB

What did you think of that?  

Sorry… got sidetracked.

Anyway, did you know that it only takes 3 colorful items to make a HUGE difference in a room?  Why not pick up a few bright new accents to give your home a fresh and HOT summer look?!  You could even start your shopping at the grocery store with a bag of these….

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