Jan 20

Studio Style…

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Hoiyin (see her fun blog here) lives in a cute basement apartment in a backwoods Orange County neighborhood. (YES… they DO exist!)  The tiny studio came furnished, but she wanted to add a few of her own pieces to personalize it and to reflect her childhood in China. Here you can see how she has hung some of her favorite Chinese dresses around her studio, using the seldom worn items as decorative art. When a special event does come up, she removes one of the dresses from the wall and puts it on!




Storage was non-existent in when she moved in, so she brought in racks, hooks, baskets and bins to organize everything:  hats, jewelry, scarves, shoes, underwear, t-shirts… you name it.  Hoiyin forwarded these pictures to me last week after reading my blog on using items you’ve collected to decorate your home. She has taken that advice to heart, using beautiful clothing, jewelry and accessories from around the world to decorate her apartment. Hoiyin claims that dressing each day has become infinitely easier… with much of what she owns visible she can just look around the room and view her choices. Not only is everything easy to see, but she can enjoy the beauty of all of her things on a daily basis.



Most importantly, Hoiyin has taken a furnished studio and completely personalized it.  It’s small, and somewhat temporary, but now she walks in the door at the end of the day and her apartment feels warm, comfortable and just like home.

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Nov 01

Digging through Drawers…

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People often don’t realize what treasures they’re sitting on when they ask for my decorating help.  There’s no need to shop… not when fun stuff is hiding in their closets, drawers and buffets!  Look at the kind of things I often find that can be hung on walls, incorporated into vignettes or tossed across tables.  Why, the possibilities are endless and SO SO interesting.

How many of you have mismatched plates tucked away in your cupboard?  Consider hanging them where they can be enjoyed.

Pinned Image


Add in some cups, saucers and an inexpensive wall clock kit and look what you can do!  (checked with Mr. Oh My Gosh and he suggests you use a masonry drill bit to do this)


And, how about this clever display? You’ll just need a little bit of chain from the hardware store.

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I see a lot of silver trays stacked away in buffets.  You know… the ones you just HAD to include on your wedding registry and now pull out to use maybe once a year?  (oh… and the candlestick holders too!) Hang them up and you could be looking at these beauties every day.


Are baskets multiplying in your pantry?  They are colorful and textural and look wonderful grouped and nailed to the wall.  (I’m especially fond of this look!)




Love this display at Room and Board, South Coast Plaza

You’d be shocked at how many mirrors are just sitting around… buried in garages, closets and tucked behind dressers, doors and sofas!  (maybe you can relate!?) Hung alone, or grouped with more mirrors or other items… they look beautiful and always add sparkle and shine to the room.


 What kind of treasures are stowed away behind your doors?


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Jun 01

Basket Case

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There is something so rustically appealing about baskets hung on a wall.  I know, I know…a step back to the 70′s, but look at these pretty groupings.  What do you think?

The color, the texture, the weave, the shapes…all are so attractive.  I’m always thrilled when my clients have a variety of woven pieces to hang.  They are light and easy to put up;  1 small finishing nail tapped through the basket is all it takes!  (I wonder how many nails these displays required!?)  BEAUTIFUL!!


You don’t need to have hundreds of baskets to put together a great looking display.  Use only a few…1/3/5/7/9…any odd number will work.


These beautifully woven baskets can be collected in a variety of places…..flea markets, antique marts, garage sales, discount stores and furniture shops. Foreign travels too. Some are rather expensive, and others, dirt cheap.

Why not start looking for interesting pieces so you can create your own display at home?

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