Feb 07

Flea Market Find of the Month/February

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Ohh…  I couldn’t resist this little beauty for my own home… $20 at the Orange County Flea Market!

This vintage train case, covered in elk skin and trimmed in leather, now sits on the hearth of our kitchen fireplace.  I added the beaded Tanzanian cuff… borrowed from a collection in another room.  Such a fun piece, and useful too.  It now holds our matchbook collection.

Did you find something fun at the flea market last weekend?



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Jun 28

Sleeping Around…Again!

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So, the MM and I have slept/camped in some pretty exotic places.  Not fancy, mind you, but SO interesting.  But…sleep does not always happen in these locations, where rocks, slanted ground, wild animals, cold, heat, flapping tents, rain, snow, and many other natural occurrences can make it extremely uncomfortable.  Not to mention those darn mummy bags!  Even zipped together, there is just nothing less conducive to a good night’s sleep.

We recently compromised on our accommodations.  Not a mountaintop luxury resort….and not camping on the ground amongst rattlesnakes and rats.  We did go rustic and exotic, choosing to camp in Tanzania, BUT…. this version was amazing AND comfortable.  Those Africans really know how to do it right!

Check out our tent:

Complete with a furnished front porch

Our “room” came with a king sized bed, luxurious linens, chairs, reading lights, storage trunks and was even decorated with African textiles.

"Camp bed"

Our bathroom had a separate dressing area and large shower.

I'll take door #1

After a long, dusty day chasing game, we’d come back for a hot shower.  5 Gallons of water, heated over a campfire, would be delivered and hung above our tent.

Plenty of hot water for a steamy shower

Refreshed, we’d then enjoy some wine on our front porch.

Here's to a perfect day

And head to the dining tent for our delicious homemade dinner.

Complete with linens, crystal, silver!

After dinner, a campfire, tall tales and lots more wine!

Perfect moment

The path to our tent was always lit, thanks to Solomon.

Camp lighting

Tucked into bed, we slept like babies, except when awakened by herds of these passing between our tents.

Imagine....just inches away from our bed!

Sweet dreams!

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Jun 24

Sleeping Around

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I love my comfy bedroom and home.  And luxurious hotel suites, fancy beachside resorts and beautiful moutaintop lodges….preferably with firm mattresses, high thread count sheets, and round the clock room service.  Like here…at the San Ysidro Inn in Montecito, California. This, is as close to perfect as it gets!

My motorcycle man (MM), on the other hand, will happily enjoy such spots, but but he is a rugged, sleep under the stars kind of a guy at heart.

I admit…this has rubbed off on me, at least a little.  Being with MM, has definitely upped my adventure quotient and forced me to become just a little more rough and tumble, and well….I guess you could even call me outdoorsy now.  When I think about it, I (who had NEVER camped before meeting him) have actually slept in some crazy places with MM…around the world.  Such as:

  • In the back of a land rover in the Serenghetti while watching elephants pull the rubber off of our windshield wipers…and eat it!

    got a craving for rubber?

  • On top of a picnic table in the Valley of Fire in Nevada, during a heat wave…this was on our honeymoon!

    We slept on the picnic table...NO tent for us!

  • In a leopard cave while lost in the fog on Mt. Kenya.  On that same climb, in Top Hut, with mice doing wind sprints across our sleeping bags all night, and hyraxes howling just outside the door.

Stunning location, rustic accomodations

  • In a tent in the Mojave desert during a treacherous sleet/thunder/lightning storm.
  • In a wobbly treehouse 50 feet off the ground in Africa, where peeing in the middle of the night meant hanging off the edge and trusting your loved one to hold onto you for dear life.
  • In the BF Goodrich pits in Bahia de Gonzaga during the Baja 1000 race…while 7 months pregnant.
  • Under the stars in Alaska, watching the Aurora Borealis.

Brrrr...below freezing, but SO worth it!

And look at where we’re sleeping this weekend…near Joshua Tree in the California desert:

  • Morning coffee in the Starlight Suite at the (in)famous Rancho Relaxo

    More sleeping adventures to follow!

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