Nov 22

Storage Solutions

Storage space is extremely tight in our “Casa de Oh My Gosh.”  Truth be told, Mr. is very much a hog when it comes to closet and drawer space.  (Do you know anyone who has over 200 motorcycle t’s in his dresser drawers?)  I’ve been squeezed out by the big guy and forced to figure out new ways to store MY important stuff. One thing I know is that if I can’t see what I own, I won’t wear it.  Therefore tucking things away, in under-bed storage boxes or on attic hanging racks will not work.  I’m thinking double duty… keeping some of the best of my clothing and accessories, especially the unique, vintage and colorful stuff, out on display.  Not only will this look nice, but it’ll be easy to see what I’ve got to choose from while getting dressed each day. Here’s what I’m thinking of doing:

Hanging hats on the wall, ready to grab and go:


Employing vintage dress forms to display jewelry.




Or to hold clothing.



Hand forms like these, on top of my dresser?  Yes, this would work too.



I love vintage clothing of all types.  Some pieces are SO beautiful that they really should be out of the closet to be enjoyed at all times.  How about this clothing valence?  Love the open shelves for shoes and scarves too.



More hats and bags, scarves, boots and coats all within eye’s view.  Fun, colorful and easy to grab and go.


For shopping or the beach, these roomy summertime straw bags look as good waiting to be used as they do slung over your shoulder as you dash out the door.


Time to get busy setting up my own storage/displays.  Have you any pictures to share?
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Comments on this post

  1. Hoiyin Ip says:

    Your storage solution revolutionized my little space! Save $ and save space – I’m STILL wowed everyday! :)

    1. Judy says:

      Yeahh! Glad it worked out for you. It’s such a cute space

      1. Amanda says:

        I love all of my clothes and accessories and have always struggled to fit them all into my tiny closet…This post has changed my life! Now I can appreciate all of my funky and unique pieces even when I am not wearing them! Yay!