Apr 10

Small Packages

When it comes to houses, I am a lover of small, unique and one of a kind.  The teensy cottages built in the mid 20th century get me all riled up, especially when surrounded by big old trees that meet in the middle of the street.  These cute places can be hard to find…so many have been torn down or built up into something completely different.  So, YES, I was thrilled when I saw this darling, itty bitty Burbank home that was to be the subject of our HGTV redesign segment.  Situated in a leafy neighborhood just one block from one of LA’s studios, it’s owners loved the cottage’s history and knowing that it had at one time been a part of the studio’s grounds and used as a home base for actors to live in while filming.

This young couple collected colorful art and vintage furniture, but didn’t know how to place it in a way that still made the room feel spacious and open.  You can see in these pictures that the furniture arrangement cut the small room in half.  A few pieces of art were hung….most still sat on the floor.   And… there was just a little too much stuff in the room.

View from the front door...The buffet cuts the room in half.

View from the kitchen... The buffet is behind the sofa and the front door is on the far right.

We spent the day playing around with their things; moving  furniture and deciding which pieces to eliminate, grouping and hanging art,  arranging accessories and, of course, filming the show.

Living room view from the front door...after!

Living room view from the kitchen...after

Here is the final product….so colorful, inviting and much more open.  The room looks bigger, doesn’t it?  Such a satisfying day!

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