Jun 28

Sleeping Around…Again!

So, the MM and I have slept/camped in some pretty exotic places.  Not fancy, mind you, but SO interesting.  But…sleep does not always happen in these locations, where rocks, slanted ground, wild animals, cold, heat, flapping tents, rain, snow, and many other natural occurrences can make it extremely uncomfortable.  Not to mention those darn mummy bags!  Even zipped together, there is just nothing less conducive to a good night’s sleep.

We recently compromised on our accommodations.  Not a mountaintop luxury resort….and not camping on the ground amongst rattlesnakes and rats.  We did go rustic and exotic, choosing to camp in Tanzania, BUT…. this version was amazing AND comfortable.  Those Africans really know how to do it right!

Check out our tent:

Complete with a furnished front porch

Our “room” came with a king sized bed, luxurious linens, chairs, reading lights, storage trunks and was even decorated with African textiles.

"Camp bed"

Our bathroom had a separate dressing area and large shower.

I'll take door #1

After a long, dusty day chasing game, we’d come back for a hot shower.  5 Gallons of water, heated over a campfire, would be delivered and hung above our tent.

Plenty of hot water for a steamy shower

Refreshed, we’d then enjoy some wine on our front porch.

Here's to a perfect day

And head to the dining tent for our delicious homemade dinner.

Complete with linens, crystal, silver!

After dinner, a campfire, tall tales and lots more wine!

Perfect moment

The path to our tent was always lit, thanks to Solomon.

Camp lighting

Tucked into bed, we slept like babies, except when awakened by herds of these passing between our tents.

Imagine....just inches away from our bed!

Sweet dreams!

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