Feb 24

Reclaimed. Recycled. Repurposed.

Have a few thousand spare picture frames laying around? You could panel your ceiling with them like Dan Phillips has.

I admit to being more than a tiny bit impressed, even obsessed, with what Dan, of Phoenix Commotion in Huntsville, Texas has been building with recycled and salvaged materials.  Homes… entire homes, that are artsy, unique and just plain crazy-wonderful.

80% of the materials for these houses are salvaged… they are definitely one-of-a-kind. Look at what Dan creates with everyday items:

Like with wine corks… floors!


Bottle caps make beautiful floors too:

As do broken tile bits:

He uses thinly sliced logs (from the local Bois D’Arc trees… they grow like weeds in Texas!) to make floors and countertops:

Bois d’arc logs also make gorgeous rustic railings:


Even cow bones (must be quite a few lying around in Texas!) become super cool furniture, light fixtures, signs, even floors.


For roofing, Dan hits up the DMV for expired license plates. The thick metal reflects that hot Texas sun well and provides a roof that will last for 75 years.

Recycled asphalt tiles in every color make splashy rainbow-like roofs:

Glass… bottles, plates, pyrex dishes and lids, mirror shards.  All are put to good use:



Dan builds these homes with the help of apprenticed labor and the soon to be homeowners.  Even though the last few years have seen a large number of the homes going through foreclosure, they have since been snapped up by higher income individuals who appreciate the beauty of these artistic structures formed from repurposed items.

I’m taking notes…  and making plans for my desert house!











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