Mar 09

Plant Lovers

I am a bonafied plant lover. Are you too? Just imagine what these Pottery Barn rooms would look like without the gorgeous green leaves, fronds and branches you see here.

These gorgeous rooms, plant-less, would look kind of boring, wouldn’t they… not nearly as bright, fresh and alive. Plants make a HUGE difference!

Maybe it’s time you considered bringing a couple of bright new live additions into your rooms. Plants add so much drama, color, texture and, well, LIFE. Live plants clean and freshen the air around you, invigorate indoor spaces and deliver lots and lots of oxygen straight to your lungs.  So… maybe you could start with a fern. They are easy to grow:

Or  a dramatic palm… I find them very easy to care for.

My current favorites, inside and out, are succulents. They are very easy, needing indirect light and to be watered only once they begin to dry out. You can break off a stem and replant it by just sticking it into the soil.

Yes, I know, some plants can be hard to keep alive, but they are cheaper to buy than a nice floral arrangement that will last, at best, 2 weeks.  You’ll come out ahead, even if your live plant only lives for 2 months. Give one or two a try… spring is the perfect time to bring life into your home.

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  1. Hoiyin Ip says:

    I love your cost comparison between cut flowers & a live plant. It makes sense to my brown thumb! I got an assignment this weekend! :)