Jun 03

Plant it Here!

A room without a plant is like a morning without a cup of coffee…or two or three.  Something is missing.  The “umph” is not there. Plants finish a room; they add color, texture, shape, energy and pizzazz like nothing else.  Imagine how these spaces would look with out their plants:

This draping fern softens the cabinet and emphasizes it’s color and shape.

Ferns are my favorites

Big trees fill in the large spaces behind these sofas.  Add an up-light at the base for soft shadows on your walls and ceiling.

Height and a pop of color are provided by this tree.

Shadows from these plants add drama

Plants are sculptural and colorful.

Big, green, healthy leaves of a Golden Pathos

Flowering plants are beautiful too.

An Orchid is perfect in a steamy bathroom.

Even little plants look interesting.

Small potted plants mix well with art and books.

Sometimes what we use is not really a “plant,” but it still provides an interesting shape and lots of texture.

Moss on a branch...so easy to care for!

Can you tell which of the plants, above, are real, and which are fake? You saw some of both!  If you can keep them looking good, real plants are ideal…they are great air purifiers and provide lots of oxygen. My favorite trick, is to use a combination of both real and fake plants in a room (there is always a dark corner where nothing will grow!)  because it confuses everyone.  You’ll notice people reaching out to touch the leaves, because they can’t tell which is which.  Do whatever works best for you!

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