Jun 21

Pallet Panache!

I’m in love with pallets!  Have you seen them sitting around?  You can find them in the back of parking lots, behind office buildings and next to giant dumpsters.  My mission…to rescue as many as possible, and put my meager woodworking skills to use.

The furniture that can be made out of these is gorgeous.  SO rustic, unique, AND….affordable.   Like this table from FarOut Flora.

Max with the new Succulent Table.

Awesome succulent patio table

Hmmmm… wonder if I could wire up a floor lamp like this contemporary model by Studio Mama?

pallet lamp

These rustic, comfy daybeds made by Vectro Ave are very “anthropologie,” don’t you think?

design squish blog

And how about this headboard from Too Much Time on My Hands?

One of my favorites, Papernstitch will even give you instructions on how to make this cute coffee table.

There are some tricks to making pallet furniture.  You first, must be careful about which pallets you select.  Those with a green or brown color have been treated with chemicals to keep them from rotting.  The dust from these chemicals is hazardous!  It’s always best to check with the business that is storing these potential pieces of furniture and ask before taking.  Some do use a service that pays for each pallet that is returned.  Don’t worry…I’ve seen pallets listed for free on Craig’s List!  Want some instructions on how to get started on your next decorating project?  Look here…. Ehow.…their directions are so easy to follow.

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  1. Hoiyin Ip says:

    I’ve been in love pallets for years, made some patio furniture from them. This post just upgraded my love for them! Next time, the pallets are moving into the house with big style! Thanks!

    1. Hoiyin Ip » Santa StandUp For Kids 2011 says:

      [...] have been my favorite material for furniture. But I never thought it could be this [...]

      1. Judy says:

        I’ve found some more amazing photos just today! WIll share them soon.