Apr 08

Out of Africa

My clients often ask what my personal style is…..maybe you want to know too.  If I had to come up with a label, it would definitely be “Out Of Africa,”…also my favorite movie!

Remember the Old Sweetwater Cottage?  SOooo perfect…I could live there!

My husband, known as the Motorcycle Man (more on that  another day) and I lived in Kenya many many years ago….early in our courtship.

Ahhh…it was something like this in those days!

So….. everything having to do with Africa sends me over the edge.  Him too.  We go nutty over anything rustic, hand carved, beaded, embroidered, batiked, vintage, worn, beat up…even a little dirty.

Masai drinking vessel and jewelery

Those warm African reds, oranges, golds, purples and browns make me feel good.

Baskets, pottery, batik!

I like cowhides, zebra patterns, handwoven rugs and textiles, leather and velvet, burlap, woven baskets and bags, beads, masks, feathers, handmade pottery, gourds, bones, spears and horns.

Upholstered in Cowhide

YES.  And more…..all mixed together.  With books, of course.  Lots and lots of books.  And real, live oxygen-producing plants.

Textiles, pottery and plants

You can see that the style I like best for my own home is very warm, comfortable and somewhat imperfect.  I am a stickler about positioning furniture, art and accessories so that they look just right in their space, but always love to add in something unexpected.

The million dollar picture....bet you don't have one of these in your home!

What kind of man reads Playboy??

But, please know, potential clients out there….I can and DO do “perfect” for those who like that look.  It’s your home, so of course…it has to be all about you!

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