Jan 20

Studio Style…

Hoiyin (see her fun blog here) lives in a cute basement apartment in a backwoods Orange County neighborhood. (YES… they DO exist!)  The tiny studio came furnished, but she wanted to add a few of her own pieces to personalize it and to reflect her childhood in China. Here you can see how she has hung some of her favorite Chinese dresses around her studio, using the seldom worn items as decorative art. When a special event does come up, she removes one of the dresses from the wall and puts it on!




Storage was non-existent in when she moved in, so she brought in racks, hooks, baskets and bins to organize everything:  hats, jewelry, scarves, shoes, underwear, t-shirts… you name it.  Hoiyin forwarded these pictures to me last week after reading my blog on using items you’ve collected to decorate your home. She has taken that advice to heart, using beautiful clothing, jewelry and accessories from around the world to decorate her apartment. Hoiyin claims that dressing each day has become infinitely easier… with much of what she owns visible she can just look around the room and view her choices. Not only is everything easy to see, but she can enjoy the beauty of all of her things on a daily basis.



Most importantly, Hoiyin has taken a furnished studio and completely personalized it.  It’s small, and somewhat temporary, but now she walks in the door at the end of the day and her apartment feels warm, comfortable and just like home.

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Comments on this post

  1. Hoiyin Ip says:

    Judy, how come you didn’t give yourself any credit?? Without you, I would still be figuring out what to do with this space… The style and size of this place is almost the opposite of my own house. Dark v. bright, tiny v. spacious, European v. S.E. Asian, ornate v. nearly minimal, … Thank you SO MUCH for helping me turn this space a home for me!

    1. Judy says:

      Awww.. give yourself some credit. You were a model student, completing your decorating homework in a timely manner, and with great enthusiasm! A++++ for you, Ms H.I.P.!! Signed, Prof. Anderson