Feb 14

Happy Valentines Day… to Me!

It was LOVE at first sight… this Anthropologie chair made my heart race.

Unfortunately we’ve not one single spot for such a chair in Casa Anderson… it is FULL and DONE. Sad. But, I had already fallen in love… with that rustic, pieced together style, the top stitching and frayed edges reminiscent of  a man’s suit mid-construction, and the neutral fabrics of varied tones and textures.  I just couldn’t get this chair out of my mind and decided there must be something to be be made in that same style… something that I would have room for in my home.

So, with an idea in mind, I rifled through my scraps, spare fabrics and trims, and set aside burlaps of different shades,weights and textures along with some scraps of lace picked up at a flea market. All were washed and dried and cut into usable bits which I then pieced together to make one large cut of fabric. Then, the stitching began.  It was very simple… I used a giant needle, cotton string and brown embroidery thread to form large, crude and rough hand stitches.  In the end, I had a tablecloth.. rustic, frayed, patched together, top stitched and to me… just beautiful.  The pictures don’t do it justice…




Finished just yesterday, so…. Happy Valentines Day to me!   Now, will I be brave enough to serve dinner on it??

Well, yes I was!  Last night before Mr. MM left on a trip we enjoyed an early V-Day dinner, red wine and all.  The new tablecloth survived!  Here you can see part of our nutritious meal… my Paleo/Primal almond flour biscuits stuffed with a TINY bit of fresh mozzarella and proscuitto.  They were YUMMMMMMM…


 Hope your day is filled with LOVE!!





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    Lovely + creative!