Nov 01

Digging through Drawers…

People often don’t realize what treasures they’re sitting on when they ask for my decorating help.  There’s no need to shop… not when fun stuff is hiding in their closets, drawers and buffets!  Look at the kind of things I often find that can be hung on walls, incorporated into vignettes or tossed across tables.  Why, the possibilities are endless and SO SO interesting.

How many of you have mismatched plates tucked away in your cupboard?  Consider hanging them where they can be enjoyed.

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Add in some cups, saucers and an inexpensive wall clock kit and look what you can do!  (checked with Mr. Oh My Gosh and he suggests you use a masonry drill bit to do this)

And, how about this clever display? You’ll just need a little bit of chain from the hardware store.

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I see a lot of silver trays stacked away in buffets.  You know… the ones you just HAD to include on your wedding registry and now pull out to use maybe once a year?  (oh… and the candlestick holders too!) Hang them up and you could be looking at these beauties every day.


Are baskets multiplying in your pantry?  They are colorful and textural and look wonderful grouped and nailed to the wall.  (I’m especially fond of this look!)


Love this display at Room and Board, South Coast Plaza

You’d be shocked at how many mirrors are just sitting around… buried in garages, closets and tucked behind dressers, doors and sofas!  (maybe you can relate!?) Hung alone, or grouped with more mirrors or other items… they look beautiful and always add sparkle and shine to the room.


 What kind of treasures are stowed away behind your doors?


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    Thanks for reminding me to dig through the drawers! This post is inspiring and fun!