Jan 24

Church Pew ReDo

My flea market church pew, hand painted in an “Out of Africa” kind of a way by my Motorcycle Man, desperately needed a cushion.  It was hard and SO uncomfortable… a typical church pew trait.

Since this is a rustic piece of furniture, (here you can see up close what the hand painting looks like) I knew I wanted a rough, imperfect looking fabric and cushion to go with it.

The fabric part was easy… burlap, $2.99/yd!  But, I knew I wanted the cushion to be hand tufted and wasn’t so sure how to do that, so decided to head up to Alchemy Fine Living on Saturday for an upholstering lesson with the very talented Connie.  She quickly taught me everything I needed to know about putting the cushion together and even let me take a spin on her super fast industrial serger and sewing machines.  I left after 2 hours with this:  a plain old burlap cushion:

And, during the course of only one football game on Sunday, I was able to finish up the tufting and end up with this:

Beautifully hand tufted,(if I do say so myself…!) and SO comfy.  I was able to sit on the cushion during the second football game (and overtime…..)  I was not happy about the outcome of the game, buuutt… was thrilled with how the new cushion turned out!




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  1. Hoiyin Ip says:

    So inspiring!
    Where would you recommend me to get the fabric?