Feb 17

The OC gets Interesting!

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There were two of us, with a few hours to spare, looking for good times in the OC.  A beautiful day, we itched for something different, unique and one-of-a-kind that would preferably be punctuated with yummy treats and drinks.

Our destination?

The OC Mart Mix in Costa Mesa

Have you been there yet?  Ok, yes…it is a little tough to find… but what a gem!  It’s nestled behind the South Coast Collection of furniture stores (SOCO) which I’m sure you’ve seen from the 405, just north of Harbor. The OC Mart Mix is very similar to the LAB Anti-Mall and The Camp in that it is filled with wonderfully creative places to shop, eat and just hang, indoors and out.  You’ll find unique, one of a kind items… from clothing, old and new, to furniture, home accessories, organic body products, art made from salvaged items, jewelry, sports, cycle and surf shops, a spice store, even a sewing workshop.



The Mix houses a fantastic coffee shop, wine and olive bar, bakery, a new cheese shop and by now… probably more.  Each time I go, there are new places to explore… it’s growing quickly. Definitely worth the drive!


You’ll want to stay for a while….  The open air courtyard is gorgeously landscaped… a perfect spot to soak up that all important Vit. D and enjoy a treat.  Visit in the evening to bask under twinkly lights and in front of the firepit.

Go to the Mix on a Saturday and you’ll get to shop the farmer’s market and sample yummies from gourmet food trucks.  Line up!

The OC Mart Mix is a fun place to explore, meet up with friends and be inspired by creative people and things.  I’m ready for another fix….!  See you there next week?!

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Dec 02

Best.Dining room.Ever.

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I’ve decorated a lot of dining rooms through the years. And, I’ve seen so many that are absolutely gorgeous. You could even call them spectacular. Or elaborate. Maybe the word is ornate. Or, just plain comfortable and inviting. But my all time favorite has to be a simple dining room.  Now this… is absolutely the BEST.

                       A rather large, naturally decorated dining room in Tanzania, East Africa.

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Nov 04


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How do you rock yourself to sleep?

Are you a minimalist…?

Contemporary Rocking Bed by Shiner



Or are you just looking for a good time?



Are you inspired by the great outdoors?

Or do rich, elegant and ohhh…  so graceful…  bring on the ZZZzzzzz’s?

contemporary wooden bedding design layout 3



Perhaps you one of the lucky few who can sleep wherever you land?



Or who can hang out and relax just about anywhere!

Pinned Image


Sometimes simple brings the sweetest dreams.


Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Would this self contained sleeping pod do the trick?



I’ll bet just about anyone could drift away here.

Pinned Image

Or here…



Where would you want to rock to sleep? Sweet dreams!










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