Oct 08

Kimono Art

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The prettiest, most special pieces of clothing look best when displayed for all to enjoy.

This rare silk kimono looks soft and etherial hanging high on the den wall.  It’s unique and different and a constant reminder to the owners of their wonderful trip to Japan.

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Mar 27

The 5th Wall

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Want to add a little drama to your room?  Have you thought of decorating the 5th wall? (YES… I am talking about the ceiling!)

The very chichi Valley Ho Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ was all over this idea.  I was completely taken by the concrete, industrial style ceilings in our room… just stunning.  But then, taken back by this piece of original art hanging from the ceiling above our little sitting area.  What?  How? Who’d have thunk?  So perfect in this retro/modern structure.

SO… how to do this?

First, choose your art carefully.  Lightweight, with no glass or heavy frame.  Then attach with either industrial grade velcro or 3M VHB (very high bond) tape. Expensive, but perfect for attaching art in unusual or difficult situations.  Give it a try!



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Apr 17

Pillow Fight!!

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Are you a pillow lover, or a pillow fighter?  It seems like every household has someone who makes a stand against throw pillows on the furniture… someone who proclaims to not like them, not want them, and will not even consider the potential beauty they provide.  Reasons abound, but pillow fighters mostly think these soft poofs serve no purpose whatsoever and are always in the way, making it impossible to sit or lie down easily.

Really?! I guess it can be time-consuming to swipe pillows onto the floor before retiring to bed at night (approx 15 seconds) and especially to place them back on said bed the next morning. (close to 30 seconds) Worse yet, is the necessary adjusting, fluffing, moving or tossing of pillows when lounging on the sofa, (takes 10-20 seconds) and then putting them back when the movie is over. (40 seconds, start to finish)

Hmmm… too much work??  Absolutely not!  Worth it?  YES!  Adding pillows is, by far, the easiest and cheapest way to brighten up and accessorize a space.  Just imagine what all of these rooms would look like without their pillows.






Yes…  BLAAAAH would be the word to describe these spaces if pillow-less.

Always opt to finish off your rooms with a few throw pillows.  It’s easy.  BOOM… toss them in and you’ve got instant personality, color and fun!

















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