Apr 03

Flea Market Find of the Month/April

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Its always fun… waking up early, throwing on warm, comfy clothes, grabbing a handful of cash, my backpack, a steamy hot cup of coffee… and then heading off to the monthly flea market at the Great Park. Even though I wasn’t looking for anything specific this time around, I loved checking out all of the new stuff the vendors had for sale, and seeing all of the flea market regulars. This month was a good one… LOTS of temptations, but only one item had me pulling out my wallet: this basket… full of scarves in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and conditions. $20 for at least 25 scarves. Whooopppeee!!!

I admit, I’m a sucker for a cute scarf… wearing one is such an easy way to style up an outfit. But, I have a different plan for these scarves… to use them as gift wrap!


Yes…!  My 2012 resolution is to  wrap up all of the gifts I give in reusable fabrics, scarves, towels and ribbons.  No more piles of beautiful wrapping paper to tear off and trash after a quick look.  I will give a gift within a gift… a scarf that can be re-used in some way, even if it is just to rewrap another gift someday.

I have been experimenting, with ways to fold, twist, tie and wrap.


It’s fun! I especially like the way that wine bottles look when swaddled in silk.

I’d like to come up with more creative ways to wrap with fabric… does anyone have fabric folding/wrapping/tying/twisting techniques to share??


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Mar 13

More Plants for More Places

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You heard about my love affair with plants last week.  Especially succulents. I’ve got them indoors, I’ve got them outdoors, but had never thought of putting them here:




so cute

                                                     Photos from designtaxi.

Maybe getting a bicycle IS a good idea… I’m feeling vibrant and pink cheeked just thinking about it! (Do you think this could work on a motorcycle??)

All of these CUTE little containers, above and below, come from Colleen Jordan of Wearable Garden.  You can see them in her Etsy shop here.

No bike?  Try out her wearable containers: necklaces, brooches and lapel pins designed to hold succulents, air plants or tiny sprouts and flowers. (wonderful air purifiers, of course!)

Wearable Planter No. 2, in Translucent

Wearable Planter No. 1, Translucent

Ruby Planter Lapel Pin: A Wearable Planter

 Wearable Planter Lapel Pin, Lemon Yellow


And then there are these plant containers… Why, who needs a trip to the pottery shop when there are household items just waiting to be filled with green goodness? Just open the closet, potting shed or, well… even your dresser drawers.






                                                Photos from Urban Garden.

My favorite, although I think that Mr. MM would prefer that I wear this one…!

spilling out…!

What kinds of containers have you planted up?




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Mar 02

Crochet Creations

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I’m learning to crochet.  My requisite first project, a scarf, is almost finished, and already I am dreaming of what I could do with this newfound talent.  As is typical for me, I want to skip the whole part where I make afghans, beanies, toilet paper cozies and socks for everyone unfortunate enough to be on my gift list, and jump forward to the level of Dana Barnes, fiber artist extraordinaire. I am in awe of this amazingly talented woman and how she has turned the old fashioned gramma-style crafts of crocheting and braiding upside down, moving them to a fun new contemporary level. She and her staff create rugs, pillows, curtains, sculptures, chairs, even room dividers with crocheted, braided, knotted and fused wool.  Put on your glasses and take a look!

These pieces, shown in her NYC loft, double as floor cushions and rugs.  As you can see, Dana is not a huge fan of traditional furniture:

Dana Barnes floor cushions/rug


dana barnes

Below,  photos from designmilk show her versatility:

One of a kind knotted “floor cozy:” (also known as a rug… I just want to run my toes through this!)

dana barnes knotted floor cozy


Needlepoint lampshade:

dana barnes needlepoint lampshade


Braided rug:

dana barnes rug


Fiber Wall… perfect room divider for a loft-like space:

dana barnes fiber art


Knotted sculpture:

dana barnes sculpture


Bedroom rugs.  The rug on the left is crocheted, the rug running towards the tub is made with embossed felted wool that has been molded with interestingly shaped objects like bowls, large letters and sticks:

bedroom rug.. Dana Barnese


Now if only I could spend my days doing something as magical and wonderful as this… Someday!

Are you an artist?  I’d LOVE to see your creations!

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