Mar 20

Springtime Garden Plans…

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Happy first day of spring! Yeaaaa.

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising and the garden beckons. I’m making plans and am thinking that this outdoor dresser, all planted up, is gonna be one of my first projects…  I’m obsessed!!

Dresser-turned-succulent-garden! From Curbly

Do you agree that this is BRILLIANT!?  Found, on Pinterest… at 2:30 this morning. (Some of the best ideas appear in the middle of the night!)

Are you as crazy to get going in the garden as I am?

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Feb 28

Why Not?!

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Sometimes a great quote is all that is needed to get HAPPY, or motivated, or or to see things in a new light. DO you sometimes wake up with a case of the “Mondays”… or “Tuesdays”…OR in just plain low spirits?  I figure life is too short for that… so am always looking for something to brighten the day.

 LOVE this quote, found, where else, but on Pinterest.


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