Feb 10

Unique Stair Runners

I’m not a big fan of carpeted stairs:  they get dirty and worn looking so very quickly. I prefer wood, or the cork I put in our house many years ago.  The cork covers our entire 2nd level, and the stairs.  I love the way the cork looks, and the way it absorbs sound is wonderful.  But wood and cork can be very slippery on stairs. Once we switched over from carpet, our dog, Scooter, would no longer attempt the stairs to lie in his favorite sunny spot on the landing… he’d slipped and fallen down too many times. Scooter is now long gone, but I am still bothered by how slippery the bare stairs are.

SO, I’m thinking about putting a runner on top of the cork… something patterned that won’t show dirt, wear and tear.  I considered a fun animal print… a perfect fit for our “Out of Africa” home.

I even thought about striped runner.  There are so many beautiful options:

Or a pattern of some kind.  I especially like geometrics:


Even a floral would be beautiful, but can you imagine what my Motorcycle Man would say about this?

or this?

So many fun choices… I love them all.  But my final decision:  I want very very different.  I want something noone else will have.  Kind of like this:

Or this:

I am now on a mission, looking for old dhurrie rugs.  Small, large, long, thin, even bits and pieces.  Once I have enough parts that all look good together I’ll have my carpet installer patch them together to form a one-of-a-kind runner for the stairs.

I know, I know… this is definitely weird… maybe a little too bohemian for some.  But to me… well, I am drooling already!  Sooo beautiful, and much safer too!





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