Apr 21

Budget Beware…..

Clothes shopping is dangerous.  At least shopping for my grown up daughters, or nieces, or girlfriends or even my super stylish mother is…  I just can’t help it when, as I look through all of the darling outfits that would be just right for them, my thoughts wander to my own wardrobe and how perfect that or THAT would be… for me.

Wait, I think….  This is not about you, Judy dear. Don’t be selfish. Think of others.  You don’t need this. Save your money.  What would Suze Orman say? (WWSOS)  But, alas, my self control just flies out the door, especially in certain stores.

Don’t spend unnecessarily, Judy!!

With Easter just around the corner, I ventured out yesterday to pick up a little something to send each of my (grown up) babies.  Knowing that chocolate and candies are mostly on their “no-no” list, I headed straight to a favorite source for all things bohemian and fun: Anthropologie.

How can you not love love love a store that hangs marshmallows from the ceiling?

Ok…so no marshmallows for the girls.  My plan:  find a cute little top for each….something springy, stylish and easy to ship.  Simple enough.  The danger:  I have to try the tops to be sure they are cute “on” and will fit well.  When I find something that is just right for me, size wise, I go up in one size for one daughter and down one size for the other.  Works like a charm.

The selection was lush, colorful, textural….fabulous.  I hauled at least 10 pieces into the dressing room while Crystal, my savvy salesgal, schlepped in another 8.  After much deliberation, hemming and hawing, I purchased one top for each, along with a coordinating necklace.  ( I do love necklaces)

Outfit #1

Silky, flowing, comfy...looks great with skinny jeans

Purple and rust...very pretty with the top.

Outfit #2

So cute and fitted...perfect with leggings or skinnies

Chunky and bright

What do you think?  Will they like them?

AND…yes, I also bought for myself.  Willpower out the window, budget be damned. Worst of all…I bought the same top, above, that one of my darlings will have.  Guess which?  (look at my “Out of Africa” blog for my favorite colors and you’ll know immediately)  I promise I PROMISE, sweet daughter….I will not wear it when you do!

And Suzie….the budget starts tomorrow!

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Comments on this post

  1. Hoiyin Ip says:

    Anthropolgie, Suze Orman, guilt… I’m TOTALLY with you!

    1. Judy says:

      HAha…. walking through that store takes ENORMOUS willpower!