Jun 10

Beautiful Textiles

Many clients ask how to display their special textiles, such as vintage fabrics, homemade quilts, ancient tapestries, or foreign ikats, batiks, suzanis and exotic embroidered and woven pieces.  Some of these are extremely valuable and sensitive to sunlight, dust, even air, so must be protectively framed behind reflective glass.  But…if these pieces are not too “dear,” I always, always favor getting them out where they can be touched and their warm, colorful and rustic beauty enjoyed.  Here are some ideas for your special fabrics:

Hang textiles from furniture:

Drape over the end of an amoire

Toss across a coffee table

Tuck into the back side of your sofa

Use as a table cloth or table runner

Or from a rod or decorative rack:

Eclectic hallway display

Folded over a quilt rack

Tapestry with tabs attached to slide over a rod. (John Saladino's Montecito home)

Another tabbed tapestry (John Saladino's Montecito home)

Vintage pieced fabric folded over a rod

Hung from an antique clothes drying rack

Make pillows:

Made from a variety of rustic textiles

Stretch large pieces on a frame, without glass.

Stacked high up the wall

Or, maybe easiest of all….toss some fabric around your body for a one of a kind outfit:

It's a wrap!

These gals wear their exotic fabrics every single day!

Happily enrobed

Maybe you should too!

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