About Judy

My Story

I am Judy Anderson: Interior Decorator, Wife, Mom, and Blogger.  I write about decorating and style, healthy living, and interesting people, places and things.

Mine is a story of a gal who loves to decorate…and dream.  And, of the motorcycle man (we call him Mr. Oh My Gosh!) who appreciates my vision.  We’ve raised two happy daughters in the sunshine of southern California and created a beautiful home together.  Not a normal home, mind you, but one filled with the stuff our lives, collected abroad, at garage sales, flea markets and trash-night roadside raids.  Much of it is re-worked, re-invented and recycled to fit our personal style and decorating approach which is, well, …cozy, comfy, warm and always interesting.

In 1999, my business was born, of styling rooms that invoked the happy exclamation of, “Oh My Gosh!” I don’t create catalog perfect look-alike spaces, but instead focus on eye-pleasing combinations with a twist…using what is already there.  Oh, special bits and pieces are usually added…a fresh color for the walls, a nubby new fabric on a chair, a big green tree.  The end result: a beautiful, comfortable home that is just right for each client.

Twelve years later, still with an abundance of ideas, inspirations and to-do’s, my blog was born…a way for this empty nester to share photos, articles, dreams and just plain cool stuff with the rest of the world.

I’d love to hear from you, so give me a call!  Once I know a little more about your decorating project, I can give you additional details about how it all works and we’ll schedule your consultation.

Judy Anderson:  949-293-4674