Oct 28

Layered rugs

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LOooove the look of layered rugs!  Such a great way to freshen up a room, personalize and add texture.  The BEST part… when you tire of the combination, switch the positioning of the rugs, or add a newer piece or take a rug away, and the look, shape and color emphasis will be completely different.

Sisal rugs are a perfect way to start the layer, especially for pattern and color-shy types.   Toss an animal skin, an oriental rug, a patterned dhurrie, something thick and shaggy, or bright and geometric over the sisal to provide interesting texture and a new shape.




My personal preference… the more, the merrier!  I’m crazy about the color, pattern, texture and shape that comes from a combination of rugs.  Orientals, flat weave dhurries, animal skins and more more MORE




Some prefer a more serene and subtle combination and color scheme.






Others might like the layered LOOK,  but don’t want to pile rugs on top of one another. These patched-together area rugs are a perfect solution, and such a wonderful way to recycle bits and pieces of vintage wool rugs that are frayed, worn or stained.


AND…what about over-dyed patchwork rugs?!  These rugs are chemically neutralized, which allows them to still retain their individual patterns and designs, then dyed a single color.  Be still my heart!

Plum Overdyed Patchwork Kilim Rug | World Market



You can also find over-dyed rugs which are solid and not patched together. Spectacular!

Picture 11


Picture 10


What are you decorating your floors with these days?

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Oct 13

A Facelift…

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I know, I know…. it’s been awfully quiet around this blog lately.  But, not to worry… all is good!  I’ve been hiding out, because Oh My Gosh! Interiors is getting a facelift.  It seemed best to hold off on posting ’til my blog  was up, looking great and ready to roll again.  And, as these things go, it’s taken A LOT longer than expected.  ( decisions, decisions…)  We are close, though, so… get ready.  get set.   SOON.  I promise!



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