Jul 12

Who says??

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Who says pictures must be hung perfectly straight, spaced evenly and grouped expertly? Who says crooked, twisted, and off-kilter don’t work?  I’m liking, no, loving this imperfect look in a client’s bonus room…..

Why not?  Crooked certainly works for furniture…



Stacked Cabinet No. 6 - Together We Can


The Crooked Spine Black Gloss Floor Lamp


And how clever is this crooked curtain rod?

Why…crooked even works for stairs:

Do not attempt after happy hour

And makes a darling playhouse:


Is this crazy twisted crooked house not wonderful?

Off kilter in Poland

Crooked can be beautiful:

Crooked House

In the Swiss countryside

Speaking of crooked buildings…. love the leaning tower of Pisa!

Have you seen this gorgeous (crooked) structure in Prague?

Prague masterpiece

I think a crooked, circuitous, winding, twisted path is ALWAYS more interesting!


Why not avoid the straight and conventional…at least every once and a while?

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Jul 05

Books, books, and more books

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I love the way shelves look when they are full of books.

Color Coded Bookshelves

Gorgeous color coded bookshelf

Unique....so full of texture

I LOVE using books as inexpensive, colorful decorating accessories.


Stacked and used as a pedestal or lift

Part of a vignette

And….I especially LOVE furniture made with books…

phone book table

And how about book light fixtures?  LOVE….


LOVEly book accessories and art:

Creative Artwork with Books


Creative Artwork with Books

And how can you not LOVE this library desk?!

Now HE looks smart...

Are you in LOVE too?  Time to start hoarding old volumes.  Stack away!

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Jul 01

Rock fireplace redo

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There’s nothing as homey and comforting as a rock fireplace.  But….they can be tricky to decorate.  It’s always better when the art and accessories placed on and around them emphasize the beauty, color and texture of the rock, rather than attracting too much attention to themselves.  Such was the case with this beautiful fireplace:

Large bright art overwhelms the fireplace

This fireplace ought to be more noticeable!  Look at what a difference a little change in art can make:

Muted earth tones and a smaller work of art

Now the rock and it’s natural tones are easier to see and appreciate.

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