May 11

What a Difference!

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We shifted and straightened the angled rug in this living room while styling it last week.

Before: Angled furniture and angled rug

After: furniture is still angled, but the rug is straight

What do you think?  Doesn’t the straight rug make the room look bigger and more spacious?

I LIKE IT!  It’s amazing to see what a BIG difference one little change can make.

PS…We also flipped the rug over, with the cut pile side down and the woven side up….  The result:  a rug that almost looks like needlepoint….much cleaner and more summer-y looking!


May 09

Loving Orange

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Are you looking to add color, warmth and energy to your home?  How about ORANGE??  Check it out in this house I just styled.  The orange accents, collected by these world travelers, are vibrant, rich, cozy and unique.

Ikats, mirror cloth and other textural items

Now, these are obviously one of a kind pieces…something many of us don’t have the time to search out and collect.

Embroidered clothing and fabrics

Hand carved screen with orange accents

Beautiful boxes and trays

And more!!

But wait….  Have you checked out your local decorating sources lately? Orange is everywhere!  Homegoods, Pier1, Target, World Market, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and many other stores are loaded with beautiful orange things.  You’ll see candles, rugs, pillows, silk flowers, art, lamps, towels, pottery and much much more.

Like tables and chairs:

Molly Wood Garden Design in Newport Beach

Barclay Butera, Newport Beach

And even clever wall signs that just may have inspired Princess Beatrice’s Royal Wedding hat!

From Molly Wood, NB

What did you think of that?  

Sorry… got sidetracked.

Anyway, did you know that it only takes 3 colorful items to make a HUGE difference in a room?  Why not pick up a few bright new accents to give your home a fresh and HOT summer look?!  You could even start your shopping at the grocery store with a bag of these….

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May 08

On the Road Again…

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Another NorCal weekend visiting with family and friends.  This time we stayed one block from the famous Sproul Plaza of UC Berkeley, at the Hotel Durant.








We giggled from the moment we entered the lobby, loving the university themed decor.  Nothing stuffy here!  Check out the “bookshelf chairs”….perfect for the most studious.  Sit.  Read.  Repeat.  I could sit here with my favorite book (currently, UnBroken, by Laura Hillenbrand…awesome!!)  for hours, especially since the bar is 20 feet away.  The friendly bartender was happy to deliver my white wine and nuts!  Absolute heaven….

Have a seat and stay for a while

The lobby chandelier….one of a kind, with bluebooks, tests and class papers hanging from it’s arms.  Those university students are so clever….such good recyclers!

Help me reach that Chemistry test!

We even got a history lesson, going back to the flag-burning/bra-burning days of the 60′s and 70′s.

And…the huge rivalry between UC Berkeley and Stanford University across the bay?  The men’s restroom in the lobby told us what Berkeley-ites think of those “Sequoia trees!??” ( is that really what they call themselves??)  GO Bears…..

Men's urinal... aim for the "S" please!

The Berkeley culture lesson continued in our room.

Is that lamp a bong, or is that bong a lamp?

And of course, activism continues today… Please separate your trash!

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