Oct 08

Kimono Art

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The prettiest, most special pieces of clothing look best when displayed for all to enjoy.

This rare silk kimono looks soft and etherial hanging high on the den wall.  It’s unique and different and a constant reminder to the owners of their wonderful trip to Japan.

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Mar 27

The 5th Wall

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Want to add a little drama to your room?  Have you thought of decorating the 5th wall? (YES… I am talking about the ceiling!)

The very chichi Valley Ho Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ was all over this idea.  I was completely taken by the concrete, industrial style ceilings in our room… just stunning.  But then, taken back by this piece of original art hanging from the ceiling above our little sitting area.  What?  How? Who’d have thunk?  So perfect in this retro/modern structure.

SO… how to do this?

First, choose your art carefully.  Lightweight, with no glass or heavy frame.  Then attach with either industrial grade velcro or 3M VHB (very high bond) tape. Expensive, but perfect for attaching art in unusual or difficult situations.  Give it a try!



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May 15

The Artist

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My daughter claims to have NO artistic talent whatsoever… at least compared to her boyfriend, who can draw, paint, sculpt and create just about anything. To prove that she too could produce a piece of art worthy of hanging on the wall, he brought a large canvas, along with 5-6 jars of acrylic paint to our back yard one day. Dressed in disposable painter coveralls, they spent the morning throwing paper plates full of paint at the canvas, and then at each other.  Awww… it was very cute…  so very “Princess Diaries!”

Yes… they had a blast, AND look at what they were able to create!  This work of art now follows her from apartment to apartment. It provides a focal point, instant color, and a reminder of the great time she had that day.

Need something big and dramatic for a wall in your home?  For under $100 you too can create your own personal work of art, complete with fun and fond memories.  Pick out your favorite colors and give it a try.  And don’t worry about the mess… it’s washable!

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